3 Qualities of an Impactful Bible Class Teacher

Do you remember your favorite Sunday School teacher as a child or teen? Do you remember something specific he or she always said, a Bible verse that person loved, or something special you did in that class? Now, picture that person in your mind. What was it about that particular teacher that made him or her stand out in a positive way?

There are three qualities of impactful Bible class teachers that can make a huge difference in the lives of their students. These three qualities draw students in and engage them. They cause students to bond emotionally with these teachers. They help students remember important lessons shared by these teachers decades after the students are actually in the class.

The great news is these characteristics can be developed. They have nothing to do with creativity or giftedness. Here are the 3 qualities of a teacher who will impact the lives of students.

  1. Love. Great teachers love their students to the core of their very being. This love is felt for every student in the class – no matter how likable a student may or may not be. Impactful teachers don’t just feel this amazing love for their students, they show it in lots of different ways. The love these teachers have for their students is a love of action – requiring more time and effort than just teaching would mean. Every child in the class of a loving teacher knows without a doubt they are loved deeply by this teacher.
  2. Passion. Great Bible teachers have a great passion for sharing God’s words with others. They have a passion for helping others build strong spiritual foundations and reach their godly potential. They have a passion for becoming the most effective teacher they can be, because they truly understand how high the stakes really are. The passionate Bible teacher wants more than anything else for those precious students to spend eternity in Heaven. This is a teacher who will go to almost any length to reach their students for God.
  3. Humility. Just because these teachers are impactful and effective, it doesn’t mean they think they know everything. Great Bible teachers are always learning. They are always reading scripture for their own spiritual growth as well as the growth of their students. They are praying to God for help in reaching their students and in helping those young people become who God wants them to be. They are humble enough to realize no matter how naturally talented they may be at teaching, there is always room for growth. They are willing to read books and articles, attend training sessions – whatever they can do to continue to learn and grow as a teacher.

How many of these qualities do you have? Where do you struggle? What can you do to develop these three qualities more fully? Unlike talent, these are attitudes which can be changed or developed. It may not be easy, but your students need you to be this person so they can learn and grow as much as possible from your classes. It’s worth your time and effort.

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