5 Easy Ways to Encourage Christian Parents

Parenting can be difficult in the best of times. COVID has pushed many parents to their limits as they struggle with a variety of new stressors. Christian parenting adds an additional degree of difficulty as parents try to parent their kids away from our secular culture and towards God. They need resources and support. As the Bible teacher to one or more of their kids, you can provide some of the emotional and spiritual support they so desperately need.

Here are five ways you can support Christian parents with relative ease.

  • Introduce them to Parenting Like Hannah. Our Christian parenting ministry has blog posts with ideas, encouragement, tips and resources. If parents sign up for our newsletter, the posts will be delivered to their email address. (We never sell or share their information.) They can search past posts for topics of interest and follow us on Facebook (Parenting Like Hannah Community) for daily parenting challenges and links to other Christian parenting resources.
  • Give them one page printable parenting tip sheets. Our website has lots of printable Christian parenting tip sheets. Each contains specific tips and scriptures related to a parenting topic. They were created to print and give to parents to place where they can find them easily, but you can also share links to them.
  • Send home weekly Bible studies. These can be extensions of the Bible lesson you taught that week or something new. Make sure to include the scripture reference, some questions they can ask and an activity they can do together. If you need ideas, both the Parenting Like Hannah and Teach One Reach One websites have lots of free ideas.
  • Make sure every family has an NIrV Bible and/or a family devotional book. Bulk orders can make this more affordable. Having an easy to read Bible and/or a pre-written family devotional book can make it easier for some parents to teach their kids about God.
  • Offer to pray about their specific needs. Have a way they can check in with you regularly to share prayer requests and how those prayers were answered. Let them know periodically that you prayed about what they shared that day. (Remember to keep any requests private unless the parents specifically tell you to share their prayer request with others.)

None of these ideas will take much of your time, but doing them regularly can make a huge difference for some families. Taking those few extra minutes can help some parents move from surviving to thriving in their Christian parenting efforts.

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