Teaching the Introvert

Teaching the Introvert - Teach One Reach OneFull confession here. I am about as extroverted as a person can be. Yet, I am married to an introvert and raised one. Until that experience, I didn’t fully realize how skewed our educational system is towards the extroverts. If you think about it, it makes sense. I would imagine most teachers lean towards or are extroverts. Our training programs are definitely structured to create the ideal classroom environment for an extroverted child.

Unfortunately, the same lesson plans and classroom environment that will send an extroverted child into squeals of delighted learning can overwhelm an introverted child. If the child is extremely introverted, many of the things we do can cause them to shut down from the stress they get from the environment. Without proper guidance, an introverted child may not be achieving his/her potential because of the ways the material is being presented.

There are actually a couple of simple things you can do to make your class more beneficial to your introverted students:

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Connecting Students to Their Church Family

Connecting Students to Their Church Family - Teach One Reach OneIf you volunteer as a children’s Bible class teacher, you may think your only role is to teach them the Bible story for the week. Actually, you are in a wonderful position to facilitate connecting your students to their church family.

These connections will often be what keeps your students returning to worship, even when they are not quite certain they really “get” church. It will make them feel accountable to those in the church family when they are faced with a tough moral choice. In short, the relationships your students have in their church can keep them connected to God when they otherwise might walk away.

So what can you do as a Bible class teacher to connect your students to other members in meaningful ways? There are actually many fun ways to start creating relationships between your students and other members of the congregation.

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Connecting Students to a Church Family

Connecting Students to a CHurch Family - Teach One Reach OneIf you volunteer as a teacher or tutor in a faith based community program, you may mistakenly think your only task is to help your students with their academic work. In reality, you are using this opportunity to serve them as a way to not only reflect God’s love to them, but also to point them to God. One of the best ways you can help them with their faith walk is to get them involved in your local congregation.

You would think inviting your students to worship at the local congregation would come naturally to Christian volunteers. Unfortunately, even the best, most loving Christian teachers can feel themselves freeze when they want to ask their students or the parents to attend worship. To be truly effective in your ministry though, you need to find ways to get past that frozen feeling and introduce your families to the Church family.

There are actually several ways you can approach the subject, that may seem a little more natural to you and less threatening to the parents of your students. I have seen these work well over the years and have even used many of these myself.

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Using Music to Teach the Bible (And Other Subjects)

Using Music to Teach the Bible (And Other Subjects) - Teach One Reach OneMusic can be one of your biggest assets in your volunteer teaching efforts. Yet in most classrooms music is rarely if ever heard. Oh, an occasional Bible class of young children may sing some old standards, but it is rare to find music being used to educate students.

Music is a special language many people understand better than the written or spoken word. It can stir emotions, communicate important messages and even help with memorization. Teachers working with children who have special needs learned the power of music in the classroom years ago.

If you want to start using music in your Bible class or faith based tutoring program, here are some ideas to get you started:

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The Well-Lived Volunteer Teaching Life

The Well-Lived Volunteer Teaching Life - Teach One Reach OneHopefully someone has thanked you for your ministry of teaching. Oh, you may not be a “professional” teacher. You may “only” volunteer once a month or once a week. You may just be “helping” a church or a ministry. Whether you understand the impact of what you are doing or not, the reality is – you have a teaching ministry.

Your teaching and how you interact with your students and their parents can have an enormous impact on their spiritual growth and health. You may be the person they are looking to as a reflection of God’s love. You can even be an example for the families you are serving for a loving Christian who serves and shares her faith.

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