The Importance of Greeting Students

The Importance of Greeting Students - Teach One Reach One

How great your class looks is not as important as how special your students feel when entering the door.

Teaching is a hectic job. If you are reading this, you are most likely a volunteer teacher or tutor. Which means you have probably rushed from your job or home in order to arrive at your class about the time your students do. You may be frazzled and in a rush to set out the materials you need for your class. If you share your classroom space (like most volunteers) you may even spend a lot of time hunting down the basics like chairs and glue sticks. Your students are lucky to get a quick group hello before diving in to the day’s lesson.

All of that is perfectly normal. The fact that you are volunteering your free time and often spending your own money to provide materials for your students is admirable. Let me encourage you to re-think your entrance just a little though. You see, one of the goals of Teach One Reach One is to teach your students about God and His love for them. The best way for you to teach your students about God’s love is to reflect it accurately to your students.

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Meaningful Hands-on Bible Learning

Meaningful Hands-on Bible Learning - Teach One Reach One

Foods eaten in Bible times are a great way for students to experience part of the daily life of the people in the Bible

One of the primary goals of Teach One Reach One is to make meaningful hands-on Bible learning the norm instead of the exception. Study after study has shown when a student experiences something the learning that results is much more impactful. Even colleges are introducing more opportunities for students to experience learning instead of listening to unending lectures.The problem with hands-on learning is that it is easy to get so caught up in the experience, we lose sight of the educational goals of the lesson. What results are lessons where students are laughing and having lots of fun, but learning very little. Instead, our goal at Teach One Reach One is to encourage meaningful hands-on learning.

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Join Us On Our New Teaching Adventure!

There is something so hopeful about new school supplies. Having them in your possession means you are about to begin new learning adventures. At Teach One Reach One, we want your class to provide students with adventures they will never forget. Not only in a variety of academic subjects, but also in the most important subject of all – God and His plans for all of us.

In this blog, we will give you tips, ideas, and links to help make your class a place where students will be active participants in lessons they will always remember. The best part is that for every one soul you teach, you have an opportunity to reach one for God and make an eternal difference in the life of that student.

I am so excited to join you on this amazing adventure as we all try to Teach One (and) Reach One for God!