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Helpful Resource for Transitioning Bible Class Students to Independent Bible Reading

Helpful Resource for Transitioning Bible Class Students to Independent Bible Reading - Parenting Like HannahOne of our goals at Teach One Reach One is to encourage young people of all ages to become independent Bible readers. Reading the Bible for themselves can help your students know what God wants for them and from them, encourage them to live a godly life and make God their top priority, give them the tools to make godly choices and even protect them from false teachings.

We regularly have posts and share resources to help you encourage your students to read their Bibles outside of your class. Recently, someone suggested I review a resource they had found helpful to their students. Halley’s Bible Handbook for Kids by Dr. Henry Halley and Jean Syswerda is a Bible guide to help young people better understand what they are reading in the Bible.

For those of you familiar with the adult version of Halley’s Bible Handbook, it was created by the same general team (Halley actually died in 1965). Although organized in a similar fashion, the information itself is weighted more heavily to summary in the kid’s version than the cultural and archaeological information which made the adult version a reference staple.

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Great Resource for Teachers in Children’s Bible Classes

Great Resource for Teachers in Children's Bible Classes - Teach One Reach OneVolunteer teachers in Bible classes for children often have little training in education. They love God and their students dearly, but probably aren’t as effective as they could be with just a little more coaching. Unfortunately, very few churches and ministries provide this crucial regular training for their volunteers.

Of course, we would love for you to contact us and schedule our founder to come to your location and conduct intensive training workshops. If that’s not possible, and your church doesn’t provide training resources, you can self-educate. Reading books, educational journals or following blogs like this one can improve your skills and the effectiveness of your lessons and activities.

At the moment, the best books for teachers are all written for teachers in secular schools. This doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot you can learn from these master teachers. Often what they share will work in your Bible class for children just as well as it does in the elementary school down the street. At other times, you can make a few small changes in what they suggest and make it work for your Bible class. (For example, social studies ideas often work well when trying to help your students understand the history and cultures of the Bible.)

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Introducing Bible Foods in Classes for Kids and Even Teens

Introducing Bible Foods in Classes for Kids and Even Teens - Teach One Reach OneIn our teacher training workshops, we strongly encourage participants to include as many of a child’s senses in a lesson as possible. Doing so can help make the lesson more memorable. Often though, volunteers struggle with adding smell and taste to the mix. Introducing students to foods eaten during Bible times is a great way to add both of those senses to your lesson.

People sometimes hesitate to add foods because of the time most Bible classes meet. Often children are in class just minutes before their family eats lunch or immediately after dinner. The important thing to remember is that a student doesn’t need to eat a full serving of something to add taste and smell to the learning mix. A taste or two will have the same results.

Before giving food to your students there are two crucial things to remember:

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How Teach One Reach One Can Help Your Ministry to Kids and Teens (Inc. Lots of Free Resources!)

How Teach One Reach One Can Help Your Ministry to Kids and Teens - Teach One Reach OneYou may have just stumbled upon Teach One Reach One or perhaps you attended one of our workshops, seminars or classes and are wondering what other resources we have to help you.

God has blessed this ministry and we are constantly adding to the resources designed to help Christian parents and the volunteers working with kids and teens in churches, faith-based tutoring programs and on the mission fields of the world.

Currently, these are just some of the resources you can find on our website or can attain by contacting us directly through the contact us feature on our websites.

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Must Read for Christians Working With Urban Youth

Must Read for Christians Working With Urban Youth - Teach One Reach OneMany Christians have great hearts. They love people, especially young people. They want to point them to Christ and make a positive difference in their lives. They want to make a positive impact on urban environments that are killing our young people or emotionally breaking those who manage to survive.

Often these well meaning Christians head into urban environments with absolutely no real information about what life can be like. Or their perceptions are based on what they have seen on the evening news or some television drama. In reality, life can be just as different from one urban child to the next as it is from one suburban child to the next. Unfortunately though, not knowing some of the basic issues in urban life can mean volunteers waste a lot of unnecessary time and money through trial and error. They can spend way too much time reinventing the wheel. They can even make things much worse for the children they are trying to help by making “rookie” mistakes.

Fist, Stick, Knife, Gun by Geoffrey Canada should be a must read for anyone wanting to volunteer or work with kids and teens in an urban environment. Canada runs a program in Harlem (NYC), that from everything I can read is as much of a success story as one can hope for in one of the toughest areas in America. In fact, many credit his program with creating a rejuvenation of about a 100 block area in that part of Manhattan.

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