Challenging Bible Students

Have you ever been in a life sized maze? It’s amazing how stressful they can be. You know there is a way out. Without a map though, it seems like there is no plan to the maze. Often people call for help or use other methods to escape the stress of not knowing what to do next.

Bible lessons can be like a maze for kids and teens. Even the best of sermons and Bible lessons leave children and teens wondering what it is they are supposed to do with the information they were just taught. Was the information just interesting to know or were they supposed to make some sort of change because of it?

In fact, that is one of the top complaints from young people. They really believe they have only the vaguest idea of what to do with what they hear in lessons at church. Most of the time they leave a Bible class thinking their only purpose was to learn the details of a story that is thousands of years old.

Thankfully, we can help students with a very simple fix. As you prepare your lesson, ask yourself what is one thing your students could learn from it that would help them be more godly? Or to have stronger faith? Or to serve God?

As you end each lesson, challenge your students. It doesn’t have to be complex. In fact, the more simply you can word it the better. Challenge them to do something specific with what you just taught them. Maybe it is to act differently or speak differently. Perhaps you will challenge them to think of others differently or treat them in more godly ways. Maybe you can challenge them to make more godly choices in a certain area, study their Bibles every day or spend more time in prayer.

Then remember the next week to ask them what happened. Don’t be upset if no one remembered the challenge. Consider that your challenge for the next time period – to find ways to encourage them to participate in the challenges.

Often Bible students don’t do anything with a lesson because no one has told them anything specific to do. We assume they will know how to take information and make changes in their lives. Give your students the extra encouragement they need to begin using what they learn from the Bible in their lives – challenge them to something specific. You may be surprised at what happens.

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