Christian Volunteer Challenges #11

I don’t know about you, but I have gotten the first dose of the vaccine and am ready too tart planning some ministry trips. Unfortunately, others are still stuck not knowing when they can re-open. It seems like we will all need a little more patience until things are back to “normal”. Here are this week’s social media challenges to think about while you “wait”!

Monday: What do you see….the beauty still on the trees, the beauty on the ground…or a tree losing its beauty? Your Bible students may discount anyone who is older as no longer worthy of their respect. Society values the young and makes them feel superior to others who may not have kept up with recent developments in a variety of areas. They must constantly be reminded of what the Bible teaches…..older, wiser Christians have a lot of important things to teach them that they have learned from the Bible and their life experiences with the wisdom contained in it. Not every older person has worked to gain that knowledge and wisdom, but your Bible students need to humble themselves enough to learn from those who have. They will benefit from it greatly if they do.

Tuesday: When you see this symbol, what do you think of? Chances are, it’s something about peanuts. God put some natural symbols in the Bible like a rainbow and the cross. Giving your Bible students connections between things they may see regularly and God can bring their minds back to God whenever they see those things. Be careful not to elevate the things themselves, but use them to point young people to God long after you are their teacher.

Wednesday: “Knock and the door shall be opened.” The Bible uses some figurative language, metaphors and other types of writing that can be difficult for kids to understand. As an adult, you may now think those verses are “clear” because you have understood them for so long. Taking the time to stop and explain them to your students can help those who may struggle with understanding them.

Thursday: “Leaders who can’t be questioned, always end up making questionable decisions.” J.A. What leader wouldn’t rather have flowers than criticism? Yet that feedback can make your ministry more effective – even if hearing it is painful. Learning how to seek out and use constructive criticism is essential if you really want to be as effective as possible in reaching young people with God’s message.

Friday: Walls are usually built to protect what is inside them – not to keep those inside from enjoying life (prison walls the one exception!). In fact those inside the walls often feel greater freedom because they know the walls protect them from danger. Teaching students God’s laws are protective like those walls can make them more willing to be obedient.

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