Christian Volunteer Challenges #14

As more states and countries begin allowing “normal” activities, you will be making choices for your ministry and what it will look like post COVID. Now is a great time to do some godly strategic planning. On our website you can find a great free resourceful godly strategic planning under our volunteer resources. In the meantime, here are this week’s social media challenges.

Monday: Clothing has changed over the centuries and so have ideas of modesty. Teaching students modesty is primarily about an attitude may help them make more modest clothing choices – no matter what the styles may be.

Tuesday: Old country stores tried to stock one or two of every possible item so they would have anything a customer needed. Your Bible class teacher “toolbox” needs to be full of lots of ideas to differentiate your Bible lessons and activities, so each child gets what he or she needs to grow spiritually. We have lots of free ideas on our website to help.

Wednesday: We’ve spent the last year creating new free resources to enhance your ministry to kids, teens and their families. Now fully vaccinated, founder Thereasa Winnett is ready to come to your location to provide training and consultation. Her availability is extremely limited this year, so contact us today if you are interested.

Thursday: Which of these flowers is the “best” ? It’s not a fair question, because each is beautiful in its own way. Your Bible students are the same. They are all equally beautiful and lovable to God. Accurately reflecting God’s image to them, means you don’t play favorites. All of your students should be equally beautiful and lovable to you.

Friday: The Bible tells us God’s creation points us to Him. You may not live near these amazing bits of creation, but a flower, a leaf or a butterfly work just as well. Taking your Bible students into nature to look for things that make them think of God can enhance their faith. Plus it’s a great COVID friendly way to teach your Bible class.

Favorite Link of the Week: Food plays a key role in many Bible stories. This website has information on the typical diet, dietary laws and a few recipes to try.

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