Christian Volunteer Challenges #8

Spring has begun here. We will still have a few wintery days, but the hope for warmer weather is strong. COVID is still causing issues for many, but as more get the vaccine, hope for a return to normalcy grows stronger. Here are this week’s social media challenges to give you ideas, tips and encouragement.

Monday: Do your Bible students know you love them? How? Finding ways to regularly let them know you love them can strengthen your relationship. It can make them more open to listening to what you are teaching them. Be intentional in loving each one of your students. It can make a huge difference for many of them.

Tuesday: It may seem as if some of your Bible students are content being a “lone duck” with no relationships with their peers at Church. The reality is some kids are content with fewer friends, but every child needs at least one friend. Studies show without friendships with peers at Church, many young people leave in search of friendship, acceptance and love. Helping facilitate friendships and creating a class as family atmosphere can help.

Wednesday: Many museums have artifacts from Bible times and cultures. Seeing them can help children understand the Bible a bit better. Can’t take a field trip? Many museums have digitized their collections. You can even screen share those images if you are still teaching Bible class virtually.

Thursday: This is a child’s interpretation of a famous painting. If you want Bible students to depict a Bible story, having them do a free style drawing or painting is much preferred over coloring sheets. Even if the art work isn’t quite as pretty, it extends learning as they have to consider what to put in the art rather than just thinking about colors. Those mysterious drawings can also encourage parents to ask their kids about the drawing and lead to additional instruction about the Bible story at home. Coloring sheets on the other hand are basically time fillers and wasters.

Friday: As life begins returning to normal, it’s a great time to talk with students about what they’ve learned in the last year. Discuss how they’ve changed spiritually and what they want to be different between before and after COVID. Teaching them how to reflect on God, faith and priorities can help them put God first for the rest of their lives.

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