Daily Christian Volunteer Challenges Week 2

Each week day we post Christian Volunteer challenges on social media. We realize many of you are too busy to check social media every day. We are now posting in our blog weekly all of the challenges for the past week. Then you will have them in a format that will allow you to use them in ways that best serve your ministry.

Here are the challenges from this past week:

Monday: Young people often want to rebel against God’s commands. They think the boundaries God sets for His people are restrictive and keep them from having fun. Teach your Bible students God’s commands are like fences that protect animals and property from being harmed by predators. Obeying God’s commands protects them from the negative consequences participating in those activities often creates. They are meant to protect, not keep them from living a rich, full life.

Tuesday: Your Bible students were created by God with different personalities and gifts. They are being raised and educated in different environments. It only makes sense any curriculum will have to be tweaked to best meet the spiritual needs of each of your students. In education, it’s called differentiation and is considered the hallmark of a master teacher. You can give your students the same gift without the fancy degrees. Get to know your students and think about what they need to help them take the next step to grow spiritually. Adjust your lesson and activities so they aren’t frustrated because they are too advanced or bored because they are too easy. It may change everything for some of your Bible students!

Wednesday: Succulents are popular plants because they don’t need much of anything to grow. Owners can neglect them and they will still look great. Young people and their spiritual lives aren’t like that. They need lots of time invested in them to build strong spiritual foundations. They need a lot of help learning who God wants them to and how to become that person. Being a master Bible teacher is often about the time and effort you pour into your students. Consider it a heavenly investment in their spiritual futures.

Thursday:  Your Bible students’ faith is still fragile like these eggs. They don’t need to hear your frustrations with fellow Christians or all of the negative things that ever happened to you at church or all of the things you don’t like about some of God’s commands. Your students will have their own experiences with Christians and the church – some positive, some negative. Don’t set them up for failure by constantly pointing out every negative. It will only encourage those who may be tempted to leave God and the church. Your Bible students understand Christians aren’t perfect, but they don’t need to be constantly reminded of it.

Friday: If you have Bible students who love art, they may enjoy scripture journaling or scripture art. Your students can start with composition notebooks and colored pencils. Creating this type of art encourages them to reflect on the scripture and can improve their memory of it. You can use it as a class activity and send home supplies for those who want to continue. You may encourage them to share photos of their scripture art on your church, ministry or Bible class social media accounts.

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