Free Baptism Study to Use With Kids and Teens

Free Baptism Study to Use With Kids and Teens - Teach One Reach OneOne of the most exciting questions a volunteer teacher of a Bible class for older kids or teens can hear is “Will you study baptism with me?” Unfortunately for many volunteers, the question can also cause sheer terror. What do you share first? Is there some special order in which to present the material? What if the student has questions or concerns?

Studying baptism with a student should be one of your favorite things to do. We want to make it as stress free for you as possible. As a result, we have developed a baptism study that can be used with older kids and teens (frankly our reviewers believe adults could use it comfortably too). The study also has a free leader’s guide which will walk you through the best way to use the study with your particular student.

The study is designed to quickly go through the basics with someone who is ready for baptism. It also has activities to lengthen the study for those not quite mature enough to make such an important choice. Those activities can also be used as faith building activities for students once they are baptized.

If your student has questions or concerns about a particular topic, don’t worry. We have included lots of extra scriptures in the leader’s guide for a student who may need more thorough Bible study on a particular topic than the main study provides. There is also a frequently asked questions area in the student portion of the study. This area addresses some of the practical questions students may have and even some of the topics that tend to frighten or confuse young people.

The end of the study isn’t the topic of baptism. The study also addresses subjects like church structure, living a Christian life and addressing sin after baptism.

A link to the baptism study is included in this post for your convenience. If you misplace it, the baptism study can be found on a tab on the main page of both our Teach One Reach One (under “Lessons” tab) and Parenting Like Hannah websites. It’s free and we hope you use it frequently to study baptism with your students.

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