Free Resources to Give Parents of Your Bible Students

Teaching a Bible class for children or teens gives you a peek into the family lives of your students. They don’t even have to tell you anything very personal for you to realize that the parents of some of your students are struggling with Christian parenting.

As a teacher and as a Christian, you aren’t there to monitor and critique what happens in the homes of your students (Note:In many states you are considered a mandatory reporter of suspected child abuse.) Rather, think of yourself as a humble servant or a resource person.

You aren’t claiming to know all of the answers or even necessarily know any more about Christian parenting than they do. You are merely sharing some resources you think may be interesting or of help to them, just like you might a great recipe or life hack.

Teach One Reach One Ministries has several free Christian parenting resources we would love for you to share with the parents of your students:

  • Printable Parenting Sheets. These are one page printable sheets on a variety of topics of interest to Christian parents. They provide a handful of tips on the topic as well as some applicable Bible verses. You can print them off and send them home with students or send parents a link. Many are also available in Spanish and Russian. If you don’t see what you need, let us know or keep checking back as we add new ones regularly.
  • Baptism study with leader guide. This free e-book was designed to help parents study baptism with their children. The leader guide also gives them tips for speeding up or slowing down the study based on the needs of the child.
  • Parenting Like Hannah Christian Parenting Blog. Weekly posts are added with Christian parenting tips, book reviews, fun things to do with your kids to point them towards God, free family devotionals and more. Parents can even search by topic for past posts.
  • Facebook Parenting Like Hannah Community page. Parents can ask to join the group and receive daily Christian parenting challenges, links to Parenting Like Hannah blog posts, short videos and links to other quality resources. Just have them click “ask to join” on the page. It’s free and they will usually be approved quickly.
  • Christian Parenting workshops. Teach One Reach One Ministries founder Thereasa Winnett has a limited number of openings each year to travel to specific locations and do a variety of workshops – among them are several Christian parenting topics. If you are interested, use our contact feature to get more information on current workshops and available dates.

Help the parents of your students by making them aware of free resources that can give them the tools they need. It’s a great way to help your students and their families.

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