Great Ways to Use Blank Books in Bible Classes

Many teachers are huge fans of the affordable blank books you can purchase at Target dollar spot or from stores like Michaels. The books come with plain white or decorative covers. You can even purchase hardback ones at Michaels. They have a variety of wonderful uses for any teacher….including a volunteer Bible class teacher.

Here are some of our favorite ways to use blank books in Bible classes.

  • Prayer journals. Whether you use one for a class prayer journal or give one to each child to create a personal prayer journal for home, these are great for recording prayers and how God works in the situation.
  • Bible journaling. Your students don’t need fancy wide margin Bibles to do Bible journaling. Encourage them to do their Bible journaling scripture art in these little blank books.
  • Creating application story books for younger children. Have students work together or in small groups to write and illustrate story books helping younger children understand application principles in Bible lessons. This might be the time to purchase the hard back blank books to make the finished product more durable.
  • Creating family devotionals. Want to encourage families to have regular devotionals? Why not have their kids design them? Using the blank books, have students choose scriptures, write a few thoughts and design questions and activities for the family to do together. They can probably include several devotionals in each book and families can rotate using the various devotional books.
  • Capturing faith stories. The older Christians in your congregation probably have lots of faith stories it would be great for people to know. Why not pair kids up with the adults and have them write and illustrate the faith stories together? Then create a library where others can borrow and read these real life stories.
  • Service projects. Blank books can be used for other service projects like helping senior citizens with dementia capture memories or creating books for kids in hospitals or shelters.
  • Scripture and faith art. Have students who are artistic? Encourage them to use the books as sketch books or to write skits that point others to God.

There are probably dozens of other creative and productive ways to use these blank books in Bible classes. Share your ideas with us and we will pass them on to others to help them minister to young people.

Categories Bible, Elementary
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