Is Your Children’s Ministry As Impactful As It Could Be?

Are you involved in children’s ministry, but don’t have a degree in education? Are you a professional educator involved in children’s ministry, but haven’t had the time to keep up with the latest research and educational best practices? Are you a church leader wondering if there are concrete things your church could do to make your ministry to children more impactful?

We have great news! We are giving you first access to our free, new e-book Effective Children’s Ministry. Whether you are beginning a new ministry to children or are hoping to enhance a current one, this book has lots of great, practical information to help.

Within its pages you will find information on how developmental stages impact Bible classes, the brain science behind memory, how to implement educational best practices like interweaving, project based learning, how to choose the best possible activities for Bible lessons and more.

Effective Children’s Ministry has sifted through all of the data and research to identify the tweaks we can make to children’s ministry to help it be more effective. To assist children in building unbreakable faith foundations and growing to their godly potential.

The book is free, but you can only access it through this link for the first few months. Feel free to share the link with others. We want every ministry to children to be as impactful as possible in hopes of raising up a generation of mighty men and women of God.

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