Activity Goals

Bible – Reinforce basic facts of the Bible lesson in a memorable, meaningful way.

Application – Teach and reinforce the godly principles from the lesson we should apply to our daily lives.

Service Project – Connect service projects in a more meaningful way to specific Bible lessons. ( See LINK “Why Does Noah Need Our Old Towels” LINK for more ways to make service projects meaningful for your students.)

ESL – Support students attempting to learn English by providing additional opportunities to practice basic language skills.

Language – Give students additional practice in language activities.

Math – Give students additional practice in math activities.

Science – Teach basic scientific principles and give students an opportunity to experiment with these principles.

Health/Hygiene – Teach basic health and hygiene principles. Activities are provided for a variety of environments around the world.

Sustenance/Survival – Teach basic skills to help students in poverty better care for themselves and their families.