Guiding Principles

We have developed some basic guidelines for using Teach One Reach One resources in the classroom. We request that all programs using these materials adhere to these guiding principles.

1. Teach One Reach One activities were designed to tie review, application, and/or secular subject activities back to the Bible in meaningful ways.

2. All activities should be completed after the Bible story is told, regardless of any additional goals of your program.

3. Each Bible lesson includes:

  • Applicable scriptures
  • Basic spiritual learning goals
  • Interesting facts about the lesson
  • Activity ideas for:
    • Story review
    • Application of godly principles
    • Service projects
    • ESL
    • Language – basic and intermediate literacy
    • Math – basic and intermediate literacy
    • Science
    • Health and hygiene
    • Sustenance and survival

4. Once you have determined the goals of your program, click on the related activities for the Bible story you have chosen. If you need help deciding which activities to use, this flow chart should help.

5. The time needed for each activity may vary greatly depending on your class. If you need help calculating how much time an activity may take, this estimation tool should help.

6. Check back frequently as we will be adding additional lessons and activities on a regular basis.

7. Everything on Teach One Reach One is copyrighted. We encourage you to use our resources in any program children may attend for free. For any other use, please contact us for permission.