New Free Resource for Faith Based Tutoring

Many ministries used faith based tutoring as a way to serve children in their community. Their hope is that these sessions will help children learn about God and encourage families to begin attending their church.

Unfortunately, the results are often not as successful as those participating in the ministry had hoped. There are several reasons for this. Rather than experimenting and learning what works and what doesn’t the hard way, we designed a free resource to help.

Best Practices in Faith Based Tutoring contains the proven methods your ministry needs to know to make your faith based tutoring ministry truly spiritually impactful on the children and families you serve.

Taking the time to make any needed adjustments may seem impossible. Those who consistently use best practices though find their ministry not only meets a felt community need for academic tutoring, but makes a significant spiritual impact on participants.

So take a few minutes to read through it. Share it with others in your ministry. Pass the link along to others in a similar ministry or who are considering beginning a faith based tutoring ministry. We pray this free tool helps you be even more effective in reaching those precious souls!

Categories Elementary, Faith Based Academic Program, Mentoring
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