New Free Teen Living the Christian Life Curriculum

Free New Teen Living the Christian Life Curriculum - Teach One Reach OneTeach One Reach One has heard you as you shared your concerns about reaching teens for God. We understand the need to give them a strong biblical foundation, an understanding of how to apply the commands and principles in the Bible and the life skills to actually know how to put those application principles into consistent practice.

We are so excited to begin introducing our free new, Living the Christian Life Teen Curriculum. This is an eight track model that can be looped through as new teens enter your program. Each track has fifteen lessons. The lessons take about two hours to complete as many ministries either have a two hour block once a week or two one hour blocks a week.

If you scroll through the various tracks, you will find each one covers a portion of the Bible. We believe many teens have not been taught many of the basic Bible stories and so each lesson includes one or more stories from the Bible. Because these are teen lessons, we also dig deeper into the scriptures. We include other passages that apply to the topic. When we tie together Bible stories and these other scriptures, your students should have a more complete picture of what God wants from them and for them in this area.

All of our lessons, give students a chance to discuss their thoughts and feelings as they begin processing the information. We even include an optional introductory activity that is more participatory and allows them to begin exploring the topic the Bible lesson will cover. Each lesson takes about 45 minutes to an hour and for those who need to break the lesson into two sessions or give teens a quick bathroom break, the end of the lesson is a natural break.

We don’t stop there though. We realize in today’s society, teens may leave Bible classes wanting to handle things in godly ways, but have absolutely no idea how to actually do the things God asks of them. If no one has taught them how to manage conflict in godly ways or manage their money so they give to God for example, they honestly don’t know what to do. They may have the best of intentions to obey God, but fail because no one has taught them the Christian life skills needed to successfully do what God wants them to do.

Our skills activity in each lesson is designed to give your students the tools and the practice to begin to understand how to actually apply God’s principles to their lives. We give you ideas for activities and tools you can print for students to give them the information and practice they need to put each Christian life skill (based on principles and commands in the Bible) into practice.

We realize each environment is different and your group of teens may have slightly different needs than teens in another environment. For some topics, we have several options of ways to practice the skills, to address some of these differences. When options are given, feel free to choose the activity or activities that will meet the needs of your group of teens and the environment in which they live.

The lessons will be going online over the next few months. Our goal is to have the first track completely online by the end of August. You can already go online and see the entire framework for the Bible lessons and Christian life skills by clicking on the tab for each track. We would love to get your feedback, so please use our contact feature and let us know what your experience is as you begin using the lessons.

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