Parent Resources

Classroom teachers will tell you the parents of their students play a large role in the effective classroom. Teach One Reach One provides resources to help parents reinforce what you are teaching their children at home. Whether you give parents direct links to the resources or send the ideas and resources home with your students, you will find a lot to encourage parents to create loving, godly homes for the children in your program.

Parenting Blog
Parenting Like Hannah provides encouragement, parenting tips, and activity ideas to help parents dedicate their children to God.

Parenting Workshops
Teach One Reach One founder, Thereasa Winnett, has limited availability to conduct parenting workshops and retreats at your location. A variety of topics are available for your consideration.

Printable Parenting Resources
Parenting booklets are available for you to print and give to parents. These booklets cover a variety of topics and are written on a third grade reading level to make them more accessible to a wide range of parents.

How to Use Activities with Your Family
Do you homeschool or want to do Bible centered enrichment activities in your home? Here are tips for adapting Teach One Reach One activities for use with only one or two children.

Baptism Study
Has your older child or teen been asking questions about baptism? This guide contains lessons, activities, and a leader’s guide with tips for studying baptism with your child.

Looking for some inspiration on how to execute our Teach One Reach One materials? These videos give you a look at how various people have interpreted our lessons, activities and scripts.

Giving your students authentic experiences will enhance their understanding of Bible lessons and make them more memorable. We have provided lists of foods commonly eaten during Bible times and recipes for some you may want to try cooking for or with your students.

Teach One Reach One believes if used carefully, games can help students better understand the commands and principles in the Bible. Here you will find instructions and some of the materials you need to play our favorite games.