How to Use Activities with Your Family

Although the activities were designed to be used with groups of students, most of them can be easily adapted to be used in a home environment with only one or two children. Here are some tips for adapting activities for use in your home.

  • Does the activity really need more than one child to complete it? If not, this activity can be completed as written.
  • If the activity will not work without an additional participant, consider having an adult step in as a second “student” so the activity will work as written.
  • If the activity requires multiple students to work well (dramas, some service projects, etc.), consider asking friends or neighbors of the student to participate. Often children enjoy participating in dramas and service projects even if they don’t need practice in the skill set. You may find these other children could benefit from hearing the Bible story and practicing the skills as much or more than the original child.
  • Stil struggling with how to adapt the activity? Feel free to contact us with details and we will try to help you with your specific situation.