Church of Christ Ministry Highlighted in Daily Point of Light by the Points of Light Foundation

[Atlanta]— [April 3, 2015]The Points of Light Foundation has named Thereasa Winnett, a member of East Cobb Church of Christ in Marietta, Georgia, their daily Point of Light for April 3, 2015. Created by the administration of President George H. W. Bush, the Daily Point of Light Award honors individuals and groups creating meaningful change in communities across America.

Ms. Winnett was recognized for her work with Teach One Reach One, a new ministry designed to help churches, faith based tutoring programs, mission teams, missionary schools and parents be more effective in their mission of impacting the lives of children, teens, parents and volunteers for God.

Ms. Winnett shared,  “We are most excited that congregations and their outreach programs, Bible class teachers and missions efforts will have access to so many free resources and low cost workshops. Many churches and ministries have wonderful volunteers who love children dearly and want to impact young people and their parents for God.  Unfortunately, many do not have the tools, materials or training to be as effective as they could be in their ministry.  The materials and workshops provided by Teach One Reach One can help every congregation, ministry and volunteer have the maximum impact on the children and families they seek to serve.”

As a part of its ministry, Teach One Reach One offers workshops to better equip teachers, team leaders, parents and children. Teach One Reach One workshops have been conducted at the National Conference for Volunteering and Service and for various church and community groups.  In addition to the teaching and parenting blogs and other resources found on the Teach One Reach One website, there are free lesson plans and activity ideas which were created using educational best practices.  The lessons incorporate Bible, spiritual growth, service, basic literacy skills (language, math, and science), health, and sustenance survival skills.  The lessons, activities and workshops are hands-on, experiential, and designed to have maximum impact on the participants.