Starting Bible Class Well

The effectiveness of your Bible class begins at the beginning. What do your Bible students experience upon entering your class? Is the room empty, with the lights off? Is it chaotic, with kids misbehaving and teachers nowhere to be seen?

Secular educators study everything that could possibly impact student success. One study out of the University of Chicago discovered something interesting. When students are greeted warmly at the door of their classroom, they were 20% more engaged in the class itself. Researchers also found that there was a 9% drop in negative behaviors during the lesson?

How students are greeted sets the tone for your class. If you aren’t there to greet students, they may assume you don’t really care very much about the class or them as students. They may adopt a similar attitude when the teacher finally arrives and begins to teach.

If the teacher is present, but not engaging students and allowing misbehavior, it sends the message the teacher may not be a skilled teacher. Some students will take advantage of this perceived lack of experience. They may disengage or misbehave.

If, however, the teacher is present and immediately engages students when they arrive, it sets a positive tone for the entire class. Students feel acknowledged and appreciated. The teacher appears to be prepared and able to handle anything that may happen during class. Since the teacher appears ready to begin class immediately, students will also engage and behave in ways that will enhance learning.

You don’t have to be as intricate with your greetings as some of the teachers whose greetings have gone viral. Do try to call each student by name and greet them warmly. Have an activity or conversation starter ready to engage students immediately.

It sounds deceptively simple, but often it’s the little things that make the difference between an average teacher and a master teacher. The positive impact Of greeting students when they arrive is enough to justify arriving early yourself and being prepared to greet students as they enter your Bible class.

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