Teacher Resources

Teach One Reach One attempts to provide volunteers with all of the tools they may need to run an effective, interactive class. As you can imagine, this project is a tremendous undertaking. We hope to constantly add new resources to help you. If you need a resource and can’t find it on our site, feel free to contact us. We may just add your idea to our to-do list!

Activity Selection Tool
Each lesson plan can have as many as thirty possible activities tied to the Bible story. This tool will help you determine which activities best meet the goals of your program.

Activity Time Estimator
If you are new to teaching, this tool will help you determine how much time an average activity will take to complete.

Volunteer Training Resources
Teach One Reach One conducts a variety of workshops. Although our workshops are not currently online, we have decided to make our handouts available to everyone. This is not the material we discuss, but rather the free tools we share to help people put our suggestions into practice. If you would like to learn more about bringing our workshops to your location, contact us.

Teaching Tips for Christian Volunteers
Teach One Reach One’s blog will give you many tips and encouragement for creating an interactive and effective classroom.

Classroom Management Resources
If you are new to teaching or have students who are difficult to manage, these tools can provide you with the strategies you need to create an effective classroom environment.

Parent Letters
Your lessons will be more effective if the parents of your students are well informed. Parent letters will keep parents informed about your lessons, allow you to ask parents to have your students prepared for future lessons and give you a way to make suggestions of ways parents can continue the learning at home. We have given you several examples you can use for templates for your own parent letters.

Looking for some inspiration on how to execute our Teach One Reach One materials? These videos give you a look at how various people have interpreted our lessons, activities and scripts.

Dramas are often a great way to help children experience or understand Bible stories, principles and concepts. You will find scripts of some sample dramas. Feel free to use these scripts for dramas or as inspiration for your own scripts.

Giving your students authentic experiences will enhance their understanding of Bible lessons and make them more memorable. We have provided lists of foods commonly eaten during Bible times and recipes for some you may want to try cooking for or with your students.

Teach One Reach One believes if used carefully, games can help students better understand the commands and principles in the Bible. Here you will find instructions and some of the materials you need to play our favorite games.