The 20% in Bible Classes for Kids and Teens

The 20% in Bible Classes for Kids and Teens- Teach One Reach OneThe author of a book I recently read did some research on the average curriculum available for churches to purchase for kids and teens. He found that most covered the same twenty or thirty stories multiple times during the several years a child could be in their program. Many teen programs use even fewer Bible stories, replying more on topical use of some verses pulled from scripture.

When we started designing Teach One Reach One, our main concern was the children and teens who get most, if not all of their knowledge about the Bible during their Bible classes at church. We realized this has gradually become the vast majority of the kids and teens in our churches. We wanted to create a way for these young people to hear as much of the Bible as possible in the time they attended Bible classes.

We went through the Bible and listed the stories we found. We omitted a couple of stories like Dinah, because we believed they would be awkward for a volunteer to teach a child. A few we combined as they were a little too short for an entire class. We are still in the process of editing the final list, but as of now there are over 200 Bible stories on our site.

If you are using a typical program, your students are getting 20% (I’m being generous with my math) or less of the material in the Bible they should be learning. If their parents aren’t filling in the gaps at home, your children and teens have huge gaps in their Bible knowledge. Gaps of stories that contain commands and godly principles your students need to know to live a godly life. Gaps that might have helped them make more godly choices had they known the information in those stories.

Take a look at the literature you are using. How many stories does it cover? Whether you use our free lesson plans or just add stories to what you are currently using, we encourage you to make sure your students are exposed to the other 80% of the Bible. There is some great stuff in there!

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