The Importance of Experience in Learning

The Importance of Experience in Learning - Teach One Reach One
Food is a great experience for kids. It can teach them all sorts of new things.

One of my favorite summer jobs as a teen was being a teacher’s aide in the local Title I program. Title I was designed to give children from disadvantged environments experiences and extra help with school other children receive at home. I loved the job. Since it was a summer program, it seemed like every day we did something new with the kids to give them experiences I grew up taking for granted. Over the course of the summer, it was fun watching the kids flourish just from having a lot of new experiences.

Teaching is interesting. Just like anything else, there are different schools of thought. At some point, classrooms became very quiet with lectures, worksheets and lots of reading. While some learn well in that environment, studies have shown the best learning environments are a little different.

Today the best teachers have classrooms that often horrify older people. The students are moving around, talking, laughing and calling out in excitement. The rooms might even appear a bit messy as students handle and manipulate all sorts of things designed to spark their interest in a variety of subjects.

Then it’s time for Bible class or a church sponsored tutoring program. Often walking into these programs is like taking a time machine back to the 1950’s. In an effort to make things easier for volunteers who were not trained as educators, programs often revert back to coloring pages, worksheets and lectures.

It doesn’t have to be that way for you or your students. Take advantage of the Teach One Reach One website. Use some of our free hands-on activities to bring the sparkle of learning into the eyes of your students. Allow them to experience learning in new and exciting ways. I promise, well planned experiences will create a love of learning that a worksheet never will.

Keep checking back on our website. In the future, we will offer more tools to help you turn your classroom into a learning experience your students will never forget. You can even help your students feel like they are traveling back in time and give them experiences to make the Bible come alive. I hope you will take up the Teach One Reach One challenge and create a learning environment for your students that will allow them to experience learning instead of just filling in the blanks. You may even find you are enjoying teaching a lot more than you thought you ever would!


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