Weekly Christian Volunteer Challenges #10

School starts soon for many of your Bible students. Depending upon their school district, Many will participate in distance learning at least one more semester. Having families home together all day, every day presents opportunities and challenges – both for the families and your ministry. Here are this week’s social media challenges to help.

Monday: Think your Bible students have everything they need to live a productive Christian life? Could they withstand the persecution the early Christians did in the Coliseum in Rome? Or the persecution Anne Frank and the Jews (and others) suffered in WWII at the hands of the Nazi’s? Or the persecution Christians face daily all over the world today? You have no idea what the future holds for your Bible students. Help prepare them to have faith strong enough to withstand any trials they encounter in life.

Tuesday: Did you know smells are one of the strongest triggers for memory? Including smells in Bible lessons can improve your Bible students’ memory of the lesson. Teaching virtually? Encourage parents to provide the smell for your lesson at home. Or verbally say something like, “Every time I smell xyz smell I think of God because….” multiple times over several weeks can create a memory tie, too. (Even though not quite as strong as the actual odor might.) Adding these little things to your lessons can make them more impactful.

Wednesday: Do you ever give yourself time to be creative in your ministry? What are some ways you can make it more effective by creating or changing something? Spending time in prayer while walking always spurs creativity in me. You may find other avenues to tap into your creativity. No matter which method you choose though, you have to carve out some time to do it. It’s hard to be creative when your mind is working on ten different things at once.

Thursday: It looks like many families will be homeschooling again in the fall. A great way to encourage them to include Bible in their studies is to send them to our free activity ideas. Originally designed for faith based tutoring, these activity ideas tie Bible lessons to a host of secular school skills. We have free activity ideas for ESL (which can also be used in language arts or for any second language), basic and advanced elementary language arts and math, science, health and even sustenance and survival. Feel free to share this link so parents have some fun, hands-on activities for school skills that also reinforce Bible knowledge. http://teachonereachone.org/activity-ideas/

Friday: Next week I will be teaching online classes to parents in Ukraine and a group of ladies in India. Do you have a group that would like training online while we are waiting for COVID to ease? Contact us to schedule one of our regular workshops or we can tailor a workshop especially for your needs.

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