Weekly Christian Volunteer Challenges #11

Many of your Bible students and their families continue to see disruptions to their “normal” way of life. Those same disruptions impact your ministry. Here are this week’s social media challenges to motivate and encourage you as you minister to others.

Monday: Have some craft items you could make that would enhance your lessons or help your Bible students learn about God at home? A lot of people have extra time at home right now and are willing to do something to help. Craft stores need business and have lots of coupons for the supplies you need. Take advantage of the remaining COVID closures and cancellations and get some of those important craft projects completed with lots of extra help!

Tuesday: What are your Bible students reading in school and for fun? The list is probably very different than what you read at their age. Many books have agendas and they all have an author’s bias. Those books are influencing your students – perhaps to accept things as true that are the polar opposite of God’s truths. Get your hands on some of those books. Read them. Pull out the Bible and help them learn how to compare and contrast. It’s a critical Christian life skill.

Wednesday: No one likes to think about dying. Young people honestly believe their death is almost impossible for many decades to come. The lack of understanding of what happens after death coupled with their belief it is many decades away can make them more vulnerable to sin. While you don’t want to give them nightmares, it is important to discuss topics like Heaven and Hell in Bible classes for young people. Otherwise they are making uninformed choices based on very little information.

Thursday: When is the last time you personally interacted with each young person in your ministry? Many young people won’t call you if they have a problem or bring it up in a group setting. They need a private conversation initiated by you – demonstrating your love and concern. (Check back later today, for a list of specific needs they may have.)

Friday: It seems like grass should be easy to grow. If you want a pretty lawn though, it takes a lot of work. Young people’s faith in God is similar. We think because they are growing up in a Christian home and go to church, it should be easy for them to become strong, productive Christians. It’s not. It takes a lot of focused, intentional effort from more than one person. It takes a team of people working on what each individual child needs to learn and grow spiritually. Think of it as coaching kids to be eligible for the Olympics – only in this case spiritually not physically. Put in that kind of effort and Christianity will be full of mighty men and women of God.

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