Weekly Christian Volunteer Challenges #17

How was your week? Needs encouragement or ideas? Here are our social media challenges for the week.

Monday: This is the grave of a man in Scotland. How do people remember him? As the man who wrote the nursery rhyme “Wee Willy Winky”. How will your Bible students remember your Bible class? Having things you repeat and have students remember periodically will help make those godly things long term memories they will remember for years to come.

Tuesday: Taking your Bible students on a field trip can give them opportunities to develop friendships, find mentoring from chaperones and learn new things that are more difficult to learn in the classroom. Nature trips are a great way to help kids appreciate how amazing God is by observing His creation. Museums have artifacts from Bible cultures. Artisans can allow students time to explore their possible gifts from God. Service opportunities can help students start putting the pieces of living a Christian life together. Field trips take extra effort, but they can be transformative for many Bible students.

Wednesday: COVID means we are providing more online training than ever. Now is a great time to provide training for your volunteers that is so convenient they can’t miss it! Training at home is a great way to engage volunteers who are normally reluctant to attend. Let us know how we can help!

Thursday: Did you know the original purpose of stain glassed windows was more than decoration? They were designed to help illiterate church goers remember Bible stories. There are a lot of simple things you can do to help your Bible students remember your lessons. Involving all five senses, connecting a key point to an object, asking students to periodically give information learned from a lesson and more can help move the information from short to long term memory. Search our blog for more memory tips.

Friday: In Great Britain you will see this at many crosswalks to remind people from other countries to look a different way to avoid being hurt. You need to teach your Bible students warning signs that may indicate they are heading towards sin and trouble. Teach them how to avoid sinning when they see the warning signs. It can help them live a more godly life.

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