Weekly Christian Volunteer Challenges #18

Although the first day of Fall isn’t technically until next week, many of you have already gotten into your Fall routine. While it may look a little different than previous Fall seasons, some things remain the same…like sweaters and pumpkin spice everything. Here are our weekly social media challenges to give you some ideas and encouragement in this new season.

Monday: The average young person growing up in a church only hears about 20% of what is in the Bible in their classes. Until we can convince every family to have daily Bible studies and every young person to,read scripture independently, we need to find ways to expose them to more scripture in their Bible classes. Here are some great ways to introduce them to parts of the Bible that are often left out of Bible classes for kids and teens.

Tuesday: Been to our website lately? We’ve added two new ebooks, over 175 new activity ideas for children’s Bible lessons and several new lessons in our Living the Christian Life teen Bible lesson/Christian life skill lessons. Even more new resources are coming soon. www.teachonereachone.org

Wednesday: What does each of your Bible students need to help their faith blossom? Some things will be the same for all of them, but each individual may have special extra help they need from you. Discovering those faith needs and finding ways to meet them can make your ministry to them even more effective.

Thursday: The painting in the center is supposed to be Jesus showing Thomas his wounds. Notice how Dutch the people look! Another artist in this museum painted the Last Supper with everyone in historical Dutch clothing! The Bible and our world are multi cultural. The illustrations and photos we use in Bible classes should accurately reflect the world of the Bible and our world at large.

Friday: Adults often think about kids and teens the way they do about succulents – they don’t much help to survive or even thrive. That’s just not true. Your Bible students need lots of love, attention, teaching and guidance from adults – especially about spiritual matters. Don’t be just another adult who gives your students the minimum amount of attention because you think they don’t need or want it. Give them what they really need to thrive spiritually.

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