Weekly Christian Volunteer Challenges #22

As a COVID vaccine appears closer to reality, the prospect of life returning to normal is brightening. Have you thought about the ministry lessons you have learned during COVID that you want to take with you into the post COVID world? What other changes do you need to make to your ministry to make it more effective? Now is a great time for reflection and godly strategic planning. In the meantime, here are this week’s social media challenges.

Monday: This is a Williamsburg gingerbread cookie right out of the Raleigh Tavern oven. They tried substituting packaged cookies, but they were a pale imitation of the real thing. It’s tempting to use Bible class curriculum and Bible study books exclusively. Nothing will do your Bible students more good, however, than hearing the actual words of the Bible from the Bible. Anything written by man today has the biases of the authors added and often these biases are subtle, but embed inaccurate theology in the minds of young people. It’s fine to use those tools, but realize they are just aids and not the real thing.

Tuesday: Each of your Bible students was uniquely created by God. They have different gifts and talents God gave them to use to do good works He has planned for them in advance. Part of your ministry should be to help your students discover, develop and learn how to use their gifts to serve God. Watching them blossom with their own unique beauty is one of the most amazing things you will ever experience.

Wednesday: This restaurant is using a fun form of peer pressure to encourage people to eat there. Your Bible students are subjected to peer pressure…not just from their friends, but from the culture itself. Teaching them strategies to resist it can help them make better choices.

Thursday: This museum added holograms to this model ship to let viewers understand a little better what life would have been like on this ship. You may not be able to add holograms to your Bible lesson, but photos, objects, drama and more can increase your students’ understanding of unfamiliar cultures and improve their understanding of important Bible stories.

Friday: Even though they appeared scattered at times, these birds followed their leader. In their case it led to food. What “leaders” are your Bible students following? Are they helping them be more godly or are they leading them away from God? Helping your Bible students recognize when they are following someone and whether or not it is helping or hurting them spiritually is an important Christian life skill you can teach them. It can help them avoid wandering far from God following a leader they weren’t really aware they were following or where that person was leading them.

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