Weekly Christian Volunteer Challenges #6

It’s hard to keep up with social media. Here are this week’s daily challenges. They contain tips and ideas to help you in your ministry.

Monday: Have your Bible students had their summer activities cancelled because of COVID? They may be struggling to fill their free time wisely – perhaps with little if any adult guidance. Try encouraging them to spend a few minutes each day working on their souls, minds, bodies, families and their world. Give them a list of activity ideas in each area using things they have at home. If they don’t have many resources, consider adding a bag of supplies they can use and things like Bibles, books, puzzles, craft items, flash cards and games. The extra work on your part can change a child’s summer and help him or her feel more connected to you and your ministry. (If you want copies of our monthly letters and lists of ideas, let us know and we will be happy to share them with you.)

Tuesday: Lots of libraries are still closed because of COVID. Your Bible students may not have access to online books. Buying or loaning good Christian books to your Bible students can give them opportunities to fill their minds with positive things. Just be sure to pre-read and not share books with questionable theology in them. You may even consider all reading the same books and having an online book club to discuss them.

Wednesday: Brain science can give us some information about how to more effectively teach young people about God. Don’t have the time to keep up with all the research? Go to our blog on the website and use our search function to find all of our posts about brain science research.

Thursday: These are some take home resources a cradle roll Bible class teacher in Texas gives her students and their parents to continue learning about God at home. You may teach a different age group and have little money, but sending ideas and resources home with your students can give their parents the confidence and encouragement they need to teach their kids about God. What can you send to the homes of your Bible students this week?

Friday: Sometimes people in missions have things they need that even rather young children can do well. The next time you study a story from the Bible, like one of Paul’s missionary journeys, contact someone in missions. See if your kids can learn about a current missions effort and serve them in some way.

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