Teaching Workshops

Thereasa has limited availability to conduct onsite workshops and/or retreats. Contact us for availability and costs. A limited number of financial sponsorships for your workshop needs may be available.

Ninety minute workshops can be booked individually or any four combined to create a weekend retreat featuring six and a half hours of content. All workshops feature interactive, hands-on learning and provide participants with several resources.

Building Bridges to Children, Teens and Families Young people are rejecting the Church and choosing their own individual paths now more than ever. In the process, they are losing the benefits the Church provides in helping them build strong spiritual foundations, reach their godly potential and survive the storms of life. Ministry to children and teens can change this dynamic by building a bridge between young people and the Church. In this workshop, attendees will learn creative and effective ways to reach out to children and teens in the community, while also strengthening the faith foundations of the young people in their congregations. Participants will leave with tips, ideas and useful free resources for planning and executing more effective ministries to children, teens and families.

Mapping Your Ministry’s Path to Success: Strategic Planning in Children’s and Youth Ministry Does your ministry feel like you are moving in a hundred different directions? Do your days leave you feeling scattered? Is your ministry developing the hearts of young people so they are ready to own their faith? Can you share the vision for your ministry in ways that make others excited to join you? Strategic planning can help, but traditional business models fail to account for God and His Plans. Participants will be given opportunities to work with Teach One Reach One resources to help them develop plans for a focused, proactive ministry based on God’s commands and principles

Why Does Noah Need Our Old Towels? Participants will learn how to increase meaning, spiritual growth, and creativity in their service projects. These enhanced service projects will not only be more productive, but also provide greater spiritual growth and future retention of volunteers.

How Can They Learn If They Won’t Sit Still? Participants will learn creative and effective classroom management skills. Learn how making small but meaningful changes in your classroom can increase learning, understanding, and application.

Is Popping Balloons Really Necessary? Participants will learn how to apply the educational best practices of experiential and project based learning in their church or faith-based program. Learn how to add fun and long-term retention to lessons, without compromising your learning goals.

Have I Got a Story For You! Participants will learn how to use the art of storytelling with Bible and faith stories to share their faith. Learn how to pass these skills on to teens and children as a way they can begin to share their faith.

Empathy Is More Than Sympathy Participants will experience a variety of hands-on activities to help them understand how to develop true empathy for others. Research has shown most empathy training misses a key element and actually widens the divide between people that it seeks to narrow. This workshop can be adapted for student groups or for teachers and mission team leaders to then use with their students or teams.

The Care and Keeping of Volunteers Many programs have volunteer issues because they don’t know the tricks for recruiting, training and retaining volunteers. This workshop will give programs the tools they need to be more successful in recruiting, equipping and keeping effective volunteers.