Growing Food from Kitchen Scraps

Scripture: Genesis 1-2

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will review the story of Creation, focusing on any mention of plants
  • Students will learn/review the parts of a plant
  • Students will discover what kitchen scraps they can plant to grow more food

Guiding Question: Instead of discarding kitchen scraps, how can you plant them to grow more low cost or free food?


Kitchen scraps

Dirt – either garden plot or pots of dirt

Procedure: Review the Creation story, focusing especially on any mention of plants. Teach and/or review the parts of the plant. Demonstrate to students what part of kitchen scraps they can plant to grow new food. Help students plant various kitchen scraps, being sure to review how to properly care for the plants if they are being sent home with the student.

Additional Questions:

  • What parts of a plant can you place in the ground and grow another plant?
  • Why does planting some kitchen scraps result in compost instead of new plants?

Supplemental Activity: Have students repeat the activity, varying growing conditions such as soil, light, and moisture, to determine the best conditions for growing food from kitchen scraps.

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