Living the Christian Life Teen Curriculum

Living the Christian Life Teen Curriculum hopes to accomplish three things:

  • Give teens a strong foundation of Biblical knowledge
  • Give teens an understanding of the commands and principles God wants them to apply to their lives
  • Give teens the tools and practice to apply these godly commands and principles consistently in their lives

The curriculum contains eight tracks each containing fifteen lessons. The lessons take approximately two hours to complete. If you do not have a two hour class period, the lessons have a natural break at the one hour mark after the lesson. You can begin the second hour with the skills activity during your next class meeting. The skills activity includes a brief review to tie the lessons together.

Use the tabs below to navigate between lesson plan tracks.
God's Love For UsGod's Plans For UsGodly WisdomCounting the CostOvercoming the PastGod's Vision For Our LivesThe Christian ToolkitFinishing Strong

Track 5 – Overcoming the Past – Patriarchs

  1. Overcoming the Past – Abraham, Sarah, and Hagar
  2. Mercy – Isaac and Abraham’s Sacrifice
  3. Marriage – Isaac and Rebekah
  4. Parenting – Jacob and Esau
  5. Redemption – Jacob and Esau Reunite
  6. When Life Isn’t Fair – Joseph in Slavery
  7. Enemies – Joseph’s Brothers and Potiphar’s Wife
  8. Repentance – Joseph’s Brothers
  9. Social Justice – Israelites in Egypt
  10. Advocating for Change in Godly Ways – Joseph and Pharaoh
  11. Godly Ways to Find Love – Joseph’s Brothers/Jacob and Esau
  12. Allowing God to Fill You Up – Joseph in Jail
  13. Uniqueness – Jacob’s Blessing of Sons
  14. Humility – Joseph’s Highs and Lows
  15. Breaking the Cycle – Joseph Breaking Bad Cycles

Track 6 – God’s Vision For Our Life – Parables and Life of Jesus

  1. God’s Big Picture – John the Baptist and Jesus
  2. Vision – Temptation of Jesus
  3. Priorities – Jesus Cleanses the Temple
  4. Goal Setting – Sermon on the Mount
  5. Time Management – Jesus and the Centurion
  6. Reflection – Parables of Sower, Lamp, etc.
  7. Focus – Parables of Weeds
  8. Reaching Your Godly Potential – Jesus Walks on Water
  9. Using Your Gifts – Rich Young Ruler/Woman Anoints Jesus
  10. Learning from Others – Servants in Debt
  11. Sacrificing – Widow’s Mite
  12. Patience – Prodigal Son
  13. Finding God’s Plan For You – Nicodemus
  14. Godly Dreams – Triumphant Entry
  15. Finishing Well – Jesus’ Death Through Ascension

Track 7 – The Christian Toolkit – Paul

  1. Christian Toolkit – Road To Damascus
  2. Christian Identity – Paul After Conversion
  3. Righteousness – Paul’s Letters
  4. Spiritual Disciplines – Paul’s Letters
  5. Seeing God – Paul’s Journeys
  6. Faith and Doubts – Paul’s Arrest and Trials
  7. Faith Community – Paul’s Companions
  8. Church Structure – Titus
  9. Flexibility – Paul’s Changes in Plans
  10. Compassion – Paul and Timothy
  11. Grace – Paul Converting Guards
  12. Perseverance – Paul’s Troubles
  13. Fruit of the Spirit
  14. Armor of God
  15. Worship/Obedience/Faith Sharing – Paul’s Life

Track 8 – Finishing Strong – Epistles

All lessons in this track will feature scriptures from 1 & 2 Peter, James, 1, 2 & 3 John, Jude, and Revelation.

  1. Finishing Strong
  2. Planning for Temptation
  3. Growing Spiritually
  4. Life of Worship and Obedience
  5. Life of Service
  6. Seeing Godly Opportunities
  7. Asking for Help
  8. Staying Connected to God
  9. Staying Connected to the Church
  10. Lifelong Learner
  11. Becoming a Mentor
  12. Creating a Legacy
  13. Becoming a Servant Leader
  14. Life of Evangelism
  15. Creating a Godly Cycle for Yourself and Your Future Family

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