Are you launching a new program and want your volunteers to learn how to lead an effective, creative classroom? Is your existing program in need of someone to excite your volunteers about their opportunities? Do you want to offer interactive parenting workshops for the parents of your students? Teach One Reach One founder Thereasa Winnett has limited availability to conduct workshops and retreats.

Here’s what people are saying about Thereasa’s workshops:

“The workshop was a huge hit with our teachers. She provides excellent resources for teachers of all age groups, and one of the strengths of her workshops is connecting the instructional process with biblical content, regardless of the target age.” – T.S., Glen Allen Church of Christ

“You challenged them to think and they did with focus. The group got many gems from Sunday night.” – T.D., Urban Ministry

Thereasa has spoken at churches and conferences worldwide:

Pepperdine Bible Lectures, Lipscomb Summer Celebration, Points of Light’s Service Unites National Conference, National Urban Ministries Conference, Atlanta Inner City Ministries, GA Agape, Ukrainian Bible Institute, Mission to Ukraine, Mediterranean Christian Conference, The Table at Delk, and various congregations in the US, Europe, and Central America

Her teaching workshop topics include:

These workshops are designed for volunteers working with teens and children in any type of classroom environment. They can be used for totally inexperienced volunteers or to promote more create, effective classroom practices with more seasoned volunteers.

Building Bridges to Children, Teens and Families Attendees will learn creative and effective ways to reach out to children and teens in the community, while also strengthening the faith foundations of the young people in their congregations. Participants will leave with tips, ideas and useful free resources for planning and executing more effective ministries to children, teens and families.

Mapping Your Ministry’s Path to Success: Strategic Planning in Children’s and Youth Ministry Can you share the vision for your ministry in ways that make others excited to join you? Strategic planning can help, but traditional business models fail to account for God and His Plans. Participants will be given opportunities to work with our resources to help them develop plans for a focused, proactive ministry based on God’s commands and principles

Why Does Noah Need Our Old Towels? Participants will learn how to increase meaning, spiritual growth, and creativity in the service projects they do with students. These enhanced service projects will not only be more productive, but also help students understand how the pieces of living a Christian life fit together in life. Participants will also learn best practices and be given lots of free resources, tips and ideas. (Note: Groups are encouraged to include a multi-generational service project for their families during the same time period. This will give them an opportunity for guided practice in the principles taught during the session.)

How Can They Learn If They Won’t Sit Still? Participants will learn creative and effective classroom management skills. Learn how making small but meaningful changes in your classroom can increase learning, understanding, and application.

Is Popping Balloons Really Necessary? Participants will learn how to apply the educational best practices of experiential and project based learning in their church or faith-based program. Learn how to add fun and long-term retention to lessons, without compromising your learning goals.

Have I Got a Story For You! Participants will learn how to use the art of storytelling with Bible and faith stories to share their faith. Learn how to pass these skills on to teens and children as a way they can begin to share their faith.

Meaningful Intergenerational Service This is a very special two part workshop. During the first part, participants will learn ways to change the ways we do service with young people to make it more likely they experience long term, meaningful, spiritual growth. The second part is a large multi-generational (in many cases the entire congregation) service project that has been pre-planned with the assistance of Teach One Reach One Ministries. Participants will experience the concepts and ideas learned in the first session, giving them an opportunity to practice what they learned and illuminate any concepts they missed.

Empathy Is More Than Sympathy Participants will experience a variety of hands-on activities to help them understand how to develop true empathy for others. Research has shown most empathy training misses a key element and actually widens the divide between people who it seeks to narrow. This workshop can be adapted for student groups or for teachers and mission team leaders to then use with their students or teams.

Ministering to Children and Teens With Special Needs. Approximately 18% of children under the age of 18 in the U.S. have been diagnosed with at least one special need, yet many churches are not prepared to provide what they need to develop strong faith foundations and grow to their full godly potential. Participants in this workshop will learn ways to adapt lessons, activities, classroom management strategies and other functions in ministry to best serve those who have a variety of special needs.

Ministering to Marginalized Children and Teens. The ministries of Jesus and the Apostles were often focused on those who were marginalized in their world. Marginalized children and teens today are often unseen by the adults around them. These young people are struggling – in some cases, for their very survival. Learn about the various ways young people are marginalized in our world as well as how to minister to them effectively – helping meet their felt and spiritual needs.

Helping Young People Become Spiritually Resilient With suicides at an all time high – even amongst children – resilience has become a popular topic. Participants will learn what it is and how to nurture it through various ministry interactions. They will also learn how to take resilience a step further by helping young people develop spiritual resilience in a secular world.

The Care and Keeping of Volunteers Many programs have volunteer issues because they don’t know the tricks for recruiting, training and retaining volunteers. This workshop will give programs the tools they need to be more successful in recruiting, equipping and keeping effective volunteers.

Pepperdine Harbor (Bible Lectures) 2018

Her parenting workshop topics include:

These workshops are designed to encourage parents to be proactive and creative in their efforts to dedicate their children to God.

Helping Hurting Children Heal Foster and adoptive parents have often struggled with how to help their children heal from the trauma experienced in their families of origin. This workshop combines best practices in helping hurting children with educational best practices for helping children build strong spiritual foundations and reaching their godly potential. Participants will leave with a better understanding of what their children need to heal from past trauma and to begin developing strong spiritual foundations.

Raising Faith Participants will learn how to help their children build strong faith foundations and reach their godly potential. Learn effective methods for raising children who are not only well-behaved, but also possess godly attitudes. Participants will be given ideas, tips, and creative tools to help them raise faithful children.

Hope for Your Family! This special workshop is designed as a community outreach session. Unchurched parents in the community are often struggling with their parenting. This workshop will give them lots of practical, easy to implement tips designed to teach them the basics of healthy, godly parenting. Participants are also introduced to the concept of God as the perfect parenting expert and the church as a place where they can find parenting help and support. Community parents love this workshop and the free resources they take home at the end of the session!

God at Home Participants will learn how parents can creatively and effectively make God the center of their home. This workshop includes hands-on activities to allow participants to create some of the items discussed.

God at Church Participants will learn how to effectively use the parenting support available at their local church. Learn how to encourage your church to provide meaningful support for parents and to make sure your children are getting the maximum possible spiritual benefits during their time in church.

Parenting and Technology Participants will learn what research has discovered about how children and teens are impacted by all things related to technology. They will also learn how to best manage the interactions their children have with technology and how to entice them back into the real world with interesting activity ideas.

Helping Children of War Participants will learn how war, community violence and trauma impact children and teens and how to safely help them as lay people. This workshop is primarily designed for parents, but teachers and therapists have also attended and found the information to be extremely helpful in their work with refugees around the world and urban ministry in the United States, as well as with children in war zones.

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