5 Fun Ways to Assess Bible Students

Let’s be honest, giving a test or quiz in a ministry Bible class for kids and teens would not be welcomed by students or most of their parents. So how can you know if your students are understanding the things you are trying to teach them in your Bible lessons? There are five fun ways that ask Bible students to summarize what they have learned from a Bible lesson or even a unit of study.

  • Sticky notes. Before Bible students leave at the end of class, ask them to write words, phrases or sentences that fit on a sticky note and summarize what they learned from the lesson. You can switch things up a bit by having them put on the sticky note a question they have about what they learned in the lesson or some other Bible type question they have been thinking about.
  • Tweets or Instagram posts. At the end of class have students write a tweet or an Instagram post (including what photo they would use) explaining the lesson to someone who missed it.
  • Headlines. Before they leave, have students pretend they have been asked to write a blog post about the Bible lesson that day. What would the headline for the post be?
  • Video. Make good use of all of those phones that come to class. Give them two minutes at the end of class to make a one minute video about the lesson and upload it to your class website or private group.
  • Doodle. Can they create a doodle that explains to you what they learned from the lesson? If a doodle is unclear, ask the student to explain it to you.

Taking a couple of minutes at the end of a Bible class or unit to assess student understanding can help you make important modifications to curriculum. It can also identify students who may be struggling to understand what is being taught. It’s an important tool to add to your teaching toolbox.

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