Free Resources for Ministries Serving Children, Teens and Family

Whether you are new to Teach One Reach One Ministries or haven’t visited our website in awhile, you may be interested in learning about all of the free resources we offer. Teach One Reach One Ministries was created in order to help ministries like yours that are trying to help young people build strong spiritual foundations and develop to their godly potential.

Teach One Reach One Ministries Resources

All of our resources are designed to accurately reflect what the Bible teaches while also applying the educational best practices needed to most effectively teach young people. We do lots of research to make sure what we recommend is both biblically accurate and in the best interest of your students.

We realize many who use our resources love young people and are passionate about teaching them what God wants them to know. Many of you though, may not have degrees in education or the easy access to resources due to location or financial constraints. Which is why we also want to keep our resources free. We want the money you have to be spent on reaching the young people in your area and teaching them about God.

So what resources can you find on the Teach One Reach One Ministries website?

  • Children’s Bible Lessons. We have over 200 Bible lessons with learning objectives and interesting facts kids need to know. Each lesson has several attached activities from which you can choose based on the focus of your ministry.
  • Children’s Bible Lesson Activities. Each Bible lesson will eventually have activities that are connected to it in these areas: Bible, Application, Service, Language Arts, Math, Science, Health and Hygiene and Sustenance and Survival. As you can imagine with over 2200 activities to design, format and type, it will take us some time to have an activity in every Bible story for every category. At the moment, we have at least one activity for every Bible story that would be appropriate for a Bible class. We also have tons of ideas in all of the other subject areas as well. We add new activities to the website regularly and have added some in the last few weeks, so keep checking if you need something specific.
  • Teen Devotionals. These are teen lessons that have short arcs. They cover a variety of topics and have been field tested with teens.
  • Living the Christian Life Teen Curriculum. These lessons are designed to be a part of a four year arc for high school students. The lessons take more time than an average lesson because in addition to the Bible lesson, the lessons spend time teaching teens how to do the things God wants them to do. We have over 30 lessons online with more being added regularly.
  • E-Books. We currently have two free e-books available. Our most popular is the baptism study with leader guide. This has been used many times by both classroom teachers and parents as they study baptism with interested students. The feedback has been extremely positive and parents and teachers should find everything they need to help young people make the most important decision of their life. Our other e-book is designed to help mission teams that will be working with children as part of their service. It gives best practices and covers some of the situations that are often unique to a mission experience.
  • Blog for Volunteers. Our blog explains some of the best practices we advocate for Bible class teachers. It’s also full of ideas, tips and links to resources we think you will find helpful. You can sign up to receive the blog straight to your email in our weekly newsletter or click on links to posts on our Facebook page or Instagram.
  • Volunteer Training Resources. These are handouts originally developed for some of our workshops. They provide the information you need to share with your volunteers to help them minister more effectively to young people. Special highlights include our popular Classroom Evaluation Tool and our Bible Curriculum Evaluation Tool.
  • Printable Parenting Resources. These are one sheet Christian parenting tips on a variety of topics. They also include relevant scriptures and make great resource items to share with the parents of your students.
  • Parenting Like Hannah. Parenting Like Hannah is our Christian parenting blog. We have tons of posts on a variety of topics of interest to Christian parents. You can even search by topic and share links with the parents of your students.
  • Resources in other languages. Because of the work we do in other countries, some of our resources have been translated into Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian and Igbo. We add new resources in other languages as we find translators. Please let us know if you are waiting for a specific resource in a particular language and we will do what we can to move it to the top of our list in that language.
  • Additional Helpful Resources. We have other resources on our website in smaller quantities. Whether it’s scripts, videos, FAQ’s, tips for using resources or something else you need, look carefully, because it may be on our website. If you can’t find it, please feel free to use the contact feature and we will see if we can help.
  • Workshops. We provide workshops, classes and seminars for ministries in the U.S. and in other countries. Each situation is unique, but you can find a description of our most popular workshops on our website.
  • Consulting. If you have a question or need some advice for your ministry, feel free to use our contact feature on the website. We try to get back with you the same day, but our travel and workshop schedule can sometimes delay that by a day or so. If you haven’t heard back from us within a week, please feel free to contact us again as it means your communication was possibly caught in a glitch.

Can’t find a resource on our website you desperately need? Let us know. We have limited volunteer resources and want to use them in the ways that best serve your ministries. We would love to hear what other resources you would like us to include on our website in the future!

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