How Big Was the Ark

Scripture: Genesis 5-9

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will review the story of Noah
  • Students will learn the Ark was large enough to hold Noah, his family and all of the animals
  • Students will learn “kind” of animal means type, not breed. (Ex. one pair of dogs, not one pair of every breed of dog)
  • Students will learn the animals on the Ark were probably young and even young dinosaurs could have easily fit on the Ark
  • Students will participate in an activity to help them understand how large the Ark was

Guiding Question: How big was Noah’s Ark?

Materials: wooden stakes, string, tape measures, hammer or mallet

Procedure: Review the story of Noah. Ask the students how big they think the Ark was and how many animals they think were on the Ark. Take students outside to the largest area you can find. Flat, field type areas with a tall tree or building nearby are the best for this activity. Hammer a wooden stake into the ground. Have students help measure and mark out the dimensions of the Ark (450 feet long x 75 feet wide) Use the tree or tall building to show the height (45 feet or about four stories) of the Ark. Tell the students the Ark could hold as much as 522 railroad freight cars.

If time allows, have students sit inside your “Ark”. Share with them some additional details about the Ark. If you have the resources, consider bringing in a group that teaches students about animals (and brings live animals). Make sure they understand your lesson goals. Some animal groups have special lesson plans for church groups.

Additional Question: Why would God tell Noah to put more pairs of clean animals than unclean animals on the Ark?

Supplemental Activity: Bring in some examples (real or toy) of clean and unclean animals. Help students learn to identify the differences between the two types of animals.

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