How Can We Keep It Dry?

How Can We Keep It Dry? – Teach One Reach OneScripture: Genesis 5-9

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will review the story of Noah, focusing especially on the amount of rain involved
  • Students will learn it was very important for Noah to follow God’s instructions for building the Ark exactly as God gave them
  • Students will learn objects can absorb or repel water
  • Students will learn what types of materials repel water

Guiding Question: What types of materials repel water?

Materials: water, small watering cans or eye droppers,fabric (cotton, wool, etc.), cotton balls, plastic wrap, tin foil, dirt, wood, clay, tile, fabric coated in water repellant spray

Procedure: Review the story of Noah, focusing especially on the amount of rain involved. Discuss how important it was for Noah to follow God’s directions exactly as they were given. Have students discuss what might have happened if Noah disobeyed God and changed the way he built the Ark. Show the students a variety of materials. Have them predict which items will absorb water and which ones will repel it. Using the watering can (or eye dropper), have students sprinkle each item with water and record their observations. If desired, you can add food coloring or use a beverage that has color to make the results easier to see. Have the class share their results. For more advanced students you may also want them to time how long it took for the water to absorb into each type of material. (Some materials may repel at first, but absorb later.)

Additional Question: Can you change the shape of the materials and change how well they absorb or repel water?

Supplemental Activity: Have students repeat the activity, but change the shape of the various materials before sprinkling them with water. Have them compare results to see if they were able to make the materials repel water better than before changing the shape.

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