Try This to Get Bible Students Thinking Deeper

One of the struggles for engaging older kids and teens in learning about God is finding ways to encourag them to think more deeply about the scripture passages you are sharing. Often you can do so by asking deeper level thinking questions about the passage. Or you can ask students to summarize it in their own words. There is another way, however, that may prove more engaging for some Bible students.

After sharing the passage of scripture, divide the students into groups of two or three. Their task is to choose one word, phrase or sentence they believe best represents the passage then create a deeper thought question that will engage others their age in thinking more deeply about the passage and encourage them to make use of what they learn from it in their own lives.

To make the task more challenging, have each team write down their word, phrase or sentence along with their question. Mix them up and use them for your class discussion. At the end of the discussion, you or the class can decide which group’s question generated the most helpful conversation.

This activity encourages your students to look more closely at a passage of scripture and gives them practice summarizing the main ideas in it. It also gives them practice in finding ways to share the Bible with others their age in ways which engage their peers and cause them to want to learn more about God. As with any activity, you want to avoid overusing it. Using it periodically, though, can help your Bible students grow spiritually and learn how to enhance how they share their faith with their peers.

Categories Bible, Elementary, Teens
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