7 Traits of Impactful Bible Class Teachers

If you grew up going to church, which Sunday school teachers do you remember? To which ones do you still feel a connection? Which ones taught you something about God you have never forgotten?

That memorable Bible class teacher who impacted you spiritually is much less common than it should be. It really only takes some extra time and effort to become an impactful Bible class teacher.

So what do these Impactful Bible class teachers have in common?

  • They have a passion for learning and teaching from God’s Word. Impactful Bible class teachers are passionate about reading the Bible themselves and they want to pass that love on to their students. They understand how life changing knowing, understanding and living out those scriptures can be.
  • They practice what they teach. They’re not perfect. If their students see them outside of class though, they see the same godly behaviors they see in class.
  • They find ways to actively show their love for each and every student. No student feels less than in their class. They don’t have a “teacher’s pet”. Yet every student feels incredibly loved by this teacher.
  • They see the potential in their students to become mighty men and women of God. Their students know that even when they make mistakes, this teacher still believes in their potential to become faithful, productive Christians.
  • They encourage their students to ask their faith questions. They might ask for some time to research the answer, but students feel safe asking any faith question they have.
  • They find ways to connect with their students outside of class. Class doesn’t end when the bell rings. These teachers find ways to connect with their students through field trips, service opportunities, notes, calls, texts, attending student performances and more.
  • They show their students how the Bible relates to real life and help them learn the application principles and Christian life skills they will need to lead a productive Christian life.

It takes intentionality, but you and your Bible classes can positively impact young people for Christ. It’s definitely worth analyzing what you are currently doing and making any needed changes.

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