Children’s Lesson Plans

Teach One Reach One’s lesson plans for children provide a framework for even novice volunteers to be effective in their efforts to reach children for God. Each lesson plan contains links to activity ideas in a variety of subjects appropriate for Bible classes or faith-based tutoring programs. Our activities are designed to be meaningful, hands-on, experiential and memorable.

Within each lesson, you can choose the particular activities that best meet the goals of your program. The lessons are arranged by the chronological order of the Bible stories. The activities within each lesson are not necessarily in an appropriate sequence for the academic subjects. Not all lessons are complete, but they will be soon – we’re adding new material every week!

Old TestamentThe Time BetweenNew Testament

Old Testament

The Time Between the Old and New Testaments

  • The Time Between the Old and New Testaments
  • How We Got the Bible
  • Old Testament Prophecies of the Messiah
  • Life in First Century Israel

New Testament

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