Baptism Study

One of the most common questions parents ask Bible class teachers is “How should I study baptism with my child?”. A few years ago, Teach One Reach One’s founder, Thereasa Winnett, noticed her daughter beginning to show an interest in baptism. Over the course of a week, she wrote this study as she talked with her daughter about what she knew and what concerns she and her friends had about baptism. Thereasa based the lessons not only on scripture, but also on the common questions students have on the subject.

The study includes a leader guide to help you make the most of your time studying baptism with the children and teens in your life. The study also provides meaningful support activities for parents to use to help their children grow spiritually either before or after their baptism. The activities can also be used as a subtle way for parents with children who really aren’t ready for baptism to continue the dialogue with their child over a longer period of time. The leader’s guide gives you guidelines for how to shorten the study for children who are ready and lengthen it for children who are not quite mature enough.

Please feel free to share this study with parents and teachers who may want to study baptism with others. We have been told it helps provide a nice framework for studying baptism with adults as well. Over the next few years, we will be adding links for this same study translated by native speakers into various languages. Feel free to share those links as well. Our only request is that you not present this material as your own or sell it to anyone.

May God bless you as you study baptism with the children in your life.

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