Eyes Everywhere

Scripture: John 9:13-41

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn God cares about our problems.
  • Students will learn the vast majority of illness and disabilities from birth are not the result of the sin of the person who has them. They are the result of the curse placed on Adam and Eve that all mankind must die.
  • Students will learn nothing is impossible for God if it is within His will.
  • Students will learn vision words used at the eye doctor.

Guiding Question: How does God care for our needs?

Materials: Internet access for research, paper, pencil, props

Procedure: Review the story of the Blind Man Healed from the scriptures above. Emphasize that God wants us to come to Him and pray about anything. Even if we struggle with someone more than once, God still wants us to come to Him so He can help us and give us peace. When we feel different emotions, it can be easy to forget to pray to God and just get caught up in our emotions. Tell the students that it is important to remember to pray to God anytime you are upset, angry, sad, etc. because God always cares about your feelings and problems. God wants us to come to him whenever we have physical, emotional, or spiritual needs that need met.

Introduce the activity. Ask the students if they have ever visited an eye doctor before. Explain the role of an eye doctor and the importance of going to keep our eyes and body healthy. Have the students research eye doctor and vision words. After students have created a list of these words, come back together and review the meaning of these words. Then have students role play a visit to the eye doctors’ office while using the words they just learned.

Additional Questions: How can students describe the parts of an eye and their importance for our vision?

Supplemental Activity: Have students draw a picture of an eye and the different parts of an eye. Have students label the parts and explain their importance.

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