What’s the Weather

Scripture: Matthew 28:16-20, Mark 16:15-20, Luke 24:45-53, Acts 1:1-26

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn after he rose from the dead and spent a few weeks on earth, Jesus rose into Heaven.
  • Students will learn Jesus wants us to join him in Heaven one day.
  • Students will learn while we are on earth, Jesus wants us to serve others and share our faith with them.
  • Students will learn how to forecast the weather using clouds.

Guiding Question: What does God want us to do for Him during our time on Earth?

Materials: Pencils, paper, clipboards, computer, print outs of forecasting weather information

Procedure: Review the story of the Ascension with the students. Remind students that Jesus left us with a very important job – to serve others and share our faith. Jesus left us with this job so that we could serve and honor God while helping others get to Heaven. Explain to students how our different spiritual gifts can help us serve God. Have students share what they feel they could do to serve and share God with others.

Share with students how to look for specific types of clouds based on the pictures from the following link: https://www.wikihow.com/Forecast-the-Weather-Using-Clouds. After reviewing, take the students outside and have them look at different clouds and practice forecasting the weather. Have the students take paper and pencils outside to draw and record their observations.

Additional Questions: How does God teach us about Himself so we can share Him with others?

Supplemental Activity: Review how Jesus gave us the task to share Him with others. Ask the students what tools God gives us to use to share with others? Review what it means to share your faith with others.
Have the students complete the “cloud in a jar” experiment:  https://www.giftofcuriosity.com/weather-science-how-to-make-a-cloud-in-a-jar/

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