Bible Class Snow Days

Did you know most school systems now expect students to do school work on snow days? With technology, kids can continue learning from the comfort of home. Winter is a time when church services are sometimes cancelled because of weather, or students miss because of illness.

While you don’t want to pressure students and their families, many parents would appreciate ideas of activities they can do with children who are stuck at home. Why not provide ideas that will also help families learn more about what God wants for them and from them?

Often parents don’t do much Bible teaching at home, because they have this mistaken belief it’s too hard. Or costs a lot of money. Or requires them to have a degree in Bible.

In reality, there are lots of simple things they can do. By giving them suggestions, sending them links to things online or even issuing some sort of Bible challenge to the families of your students, they are much more likely to try and teach their kids about God.

In general, the more details you can give them about what they can do, the better. You don’t want to appear rigid, but it will really help those who are fearful of somehow making a mistake and “ruining everything”. Reassure them, the most important thing is to spend time together as a family learning about God.

Spend some time now, before those cancellations start, thinking of ideas to suggest. Collect email addresses or phone numbers for texts. Set up a private class space on the internet parents and students can access with some sort of permission from you (to keep it safe for students). Check our website for free, fun family devotional ideas and activities that tie into Bible stories in meaningful ways.

Help families make the most of their time at home. It’s a great way to minister to your students and their families.

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