Eye Exam

Scripture: John 9:13-41

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn God cares about our problems.
  • Students will learn the vast majority of illness and disabilities from birth are not the result of the sin of the person who has them. They are the result of the curse placed on Adam and Eve that all mankind must die.
  • Students will learn nothing is impossible for God if it is within His will.
  • Students will learn vocabulary used at the eye doctor.

Guiding Question: How can students learn vocabulary used in conversation at the eye doctor?

Materials: Various cards with reasons to see the doctor.

Procedure: Review the story of the Blind Man Healed from the scriptures above. Emphasize that God wants us to come to Him and pray about anything. Even if we struggle with someone more than once, God still wants us to come to Him so He can help us and give us peace. When we feel different emotions, it can be easy to forget to pray to God and just get caught up in our emotions. Tell the students that it is important to remember to pray to God anytime you are upset, angry, sad, etc. because God always cares about your feelings and problems. God wants us to come to him whenever we have physical, emotional, or spiritual needs that need met.

Introduce the activity. Have the students play the various roles in an eye doctor’s office. Give “patients” a card describing the reason they want to see the eye doctor (headaches, blurry vision, etc.). The students should act out the various scenarios practicing using the dialogue they would use in those situations.

Additional Questions: How can students learn eye doctor vocabulary through real life situations?

Supplemental Activity: Have someone you know from your congregation or another who is an eye doctor come to the class, teach the students about vocabulary in an eye doctor’s office, and show tools for support as needed.

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