Serving the Disabled

Scripture: Matthew 20:29-34, Mark 10:46-52, Luke 18:35-43

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn how Jesus healed a blind man.
  • Students will learn Jesus served others and taught them about God.
  • Students will learn how to serve the disabled while also sharing God’s love with them.

Guiding Question: How does God ask his followers to show love to the disabled?

Materials: Will vary depending on guest speaker.

Procedure: Review the story of Jesus healing a blind man. How might the healings have prepared the way for the Church? Discuss why life may be more difficult for people with disabilities. Ask the students about disabilities they have seen and what are some ways to help those people. How can helping them show God’s love? How does showing His love lead them to become Christians?

Introduce a guest speak (arranged prior to lesson) and allow them to share stories of life for people with certain disabilities and demonstrate to the students various ways they can help now or when they are older. Following the speaker, the students will complete a service project that will benefit those with certain disabilities. (This will vary depending on the speaker and the needs)

Additional Questions:

  • How can students empathize with those who are disabled and better understand how to show them God’s love?

Supplemental Activity: Have students wear a blindfold and walk around the room, watch a video with no sound and no closed caption, and/or only use a chair with wheels to move around a room. Ask the students how they felt throughout the simulation and how they can better empathize with those who are blind, deaf, or in a wheelchair.

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