Christian Volunteer Challenges #12

Is it Spring yet where you live? It’s in full bloom here in Atlanta. It’s hard to avoid God’s beauty when it surrounds you! Here are this week’s social media challenges and other helpful links for you.

Monday: The biblical idea of Satan viewing humans as his potential spiritual prey isn’t very popular in our modern world. You can bet animals that are the potential prey of this hawk teach their young ones ways to avoid being a hawk’s next meal. Your Bible students need to learn how to avoid Satan’s traps and temptations, otherwise they will be easy prey for him.

Tuesday: There are books and websites that put detailed biblical information in easy to read and understand charts and graphs. Sharing those with students can help them make important biblical connections. (Many contain a free license to share copies with students.)

Wednesday: Have students whose parents are divorced or know someone who is considering divorce? This book does a great job explaining how divorce impacts kids emotionally and spiritually. The author uses research and personal stories to explain the impact in a way that’s rarely done – viewing divorce through the eyes of the kids and not the adults. She also briefly addresses ways churches can avoid adding to the pain. Between Two Worlds by Elizabeth Marquardt

Thursday: This is the beach where they filmed the big scene in Chariots of Fire. The story revolves around a group of Jewish athletes who refuse to compete on the Sabbath. They were willing to sacrifice their chance at an Olympic medal for what they believed God wanted them to do. Your Bible students may need to make what they consider sacrifices in order to obey God. Are they ready to do that? It will be easier if they have discussed the possibility before the opportunities arise. Having a class discussion on what it truly means to make God the Lord of your life can help them explore the ideas of obedience and sacrifice.

Friday: Scripture journaling is a fun way for your Bible students to meditate on God’s Word. It can also help them move important verses into their long term memory. Just make sure they write the scripture by hand, as it will help them remember it better.

Our favorite secular link of the week: Have Bible students who are non-verbal? This article has some great tips.

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