Christian Volunteer Challenges #13

It’s Easter weekend and with everything blooming, it is going to be beautiful! I’m sure you will be busy, but here are this week’s social media challenges and our new Favorite Link of the Week when you have a moment to reflect.

Monday: Researchers and authors churn out new content almost daily that could impact how effective your Bible classes are. We want you to focus on active ministry to kids, teens and their families. That’s why at Teach One Reach One Ministries, we attempt to read the research and the latest books and share the most helpful bits with you. If we suggest you do read an entire book, it’s because we feel there is too much valuable content and we hope you will read the book for yourself so you can get it all. Looking for a great book to read to enhance your ministry? Go to the blog area of our website and search for “book reviews”.

Tuesday: Fancy folded napkins are pretty, but if the food is bad, they don’t add much to a meal. Having fun activities in your Bible lesson is wonderful. If they don’t add to what your students are learning or help them understand or remember it better, they are just empty time fillers. As you prepare your activities, consider what your students will be thinking about while doing them. If it’s not really about something in the lesson, then it’s probably a good idea to change it. We have lots of great, free activity ideas on our website.

Wednesday: Money may look different in different places, but it all has the ability to gradually distract your Bible students from God. Having lessons on money and business practices and attitudes about earning and using it in ways that please God can help your students avoid temptations and stand out as lights in their communities.

Thursday: We are supposed to have a hard freeze tonight. If I want to save these plants from destruction, I will need to place a protective covering over them tonight. Satan is competing for the souls of your Bible students. He wants to destroy their faith. What are some concrete ways you can help protect them?

Friday: No two of your students are exactly alike – even if they look very similar. Differentiating your curriculum can help each student get what he or she needs to grow spiritually. Our blog has lots of great suggestions. Just use the search function to find relevant posts.

Favorite Link of the Week Each week, we will begin featuring an outside link to an article or resource we believe will enhance your ministry. This week’s link is from a secular site. It gives some great tips for using video effectively in a learning environment. 7 Tips for Teaching With Videos

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